Land use/Land cover and Thematic Mapping for Urban Planning

We are providing Land use/land cover mapping services to the reputed organizations for urban and rural planning, road delineation, comprehensive development plan and town planning.

Providing thematic map services for city development and other planning using all cartographic techniques to incorporate a particular theme on a geographic map for general information of spatial patterns in a region like water bodies, roads, rivers, built-up area, Residential, Non-Residential, Open land commercial areas etc.

Description : Thematic maps are used to show specific attribute information; this may be for reasons of increased clarity or understanding. They are used to show data relating to a specific type of information called theme e.g. a map showing population density represented by dots, or a map showing per capita income distribution through color gradation. The advantage of using thematic maps is that they show the geographic distribution of particular information and help understand the relationship of the information with local, regional or international geography.

About Us

We feel pleasure to introduce you that we are a premier Geospatial Technology Solution Provider committed to harness the cutting edge technologies available and enable our clients to leverage these to their business advantage. From our customer centric focused approach, we are able to provide professional service to our client that ensures success of their business goals.


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