Parcel Mapping

We have provided the parcel maps to many organizations for Land administration & property registration activities; Municipality planning & urban development to restore analytical data which is crucial for enhancing the operational abilities. The techniques have been used to develop the thematic maps, Electric Maps, Electric Power networks, Utility Infrastructure and Land records etc. using Remote Sensing and scanned data.

Our technicians have proven a tremendous work for Parcel Mapping. Numerous parcels are converted digitally in GIS system format. To create digital parcel maps from paper analogue maps, data has to be loaded in digital format and it has to be formatted in vectorized form. There are several ways to perform this conversion and finally data analysis is completed as per project requirement.


  • Assists in keeping official records of land surveys
  • Helpful in administration
  • Helps in keeping records of ownership
  • Assists in evaluation of Land taxation

About Us

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