GIS and Remote Sensing

We specialize in GIS & Remote Sensing using Satellite Imageries Techniques. We offer the complete range of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to make the best output of your GIS data.

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Topographic and Cadastral Mapping

We have the skills required to deliver a successful Cadastral mapping project. We have completed forestry and topographic mapping project for insurance policy for the people living in flood prone area.

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Parcel Mapping

We have provided the parcel maps to many organizations for Land administration & property registration activities; Municipality planning & urban development to restore analytical data.

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Utility Mapping

Team offers utility conversion services for utility supply lines; Water mains, data lines, Telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, and sewer lines.We can help in documenting vital underground and overhead assets digitally.

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Municipal GIS Mapping

Our team has excellent knowledge in developing a municipal GIS system to manage various Tasks of a municipality such as Property Tax, land property details, Birth and Death Registration, Socio Economic Data management & Holding registration etc.

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Land use/Land cover and Thematic Mapping for
Urban Planning

We are providing Land use/land cover mapping services to the reputed organizations for urban and rural planning, road delineation, comprehensive development plan and town planning.

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Transportation & Highways Planning

We are providing the services in Transportation and Highways Planning using Satellite Imageries (cartosat-1 & others) to prepare the high accuracy land use/land cover maps to delineate the new road alignment /Bypasses, important information about the location to establish the Toll Plaza.

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Hydrological Analysis

GIS and Remote Sensing technology is being used to perform the hydrological analysis in support of highway and transportation projects. The delineation of catchment area of all river/drainage is being created using DEM data which is the part of the study to identify the length of the bridge/culvert on the river/drainage.

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LiDAR Technology:

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that collects 3-dimensional point clouds of the Earth’s surface. .

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Photogrammetry is a surveying and mapping technology of obtaining reliable information about the properties of surfaces, objects without physical contact with the objects and the environment through processes of recording.

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About Us

We feel pleasure to introduce you that we are a premier Geospatial Technology Solution Provider committed to harness the cutting edge technologies available and enable our clients to leverage these to their business advantage. From our customer centric focused approach, we are able to provide professional service to our client that ensures success of their business goals.


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