GIS and Remote Sensing

We specialize in GIS & Remote Sensing using Satellite Imageries Techniques. We offer the complete range of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to make the best output of your GIS data. Our experienced GIS professionals are familiar with a range of Satellite data products and use the latest digital image processing and GIS software packages. The specialty of Remote Sensing lies in its ability to show large land areas and to detect features at electromagnetic wavelengths that are not visible to the human eye. We provide following services using Remote Sensing techniques:

  • Geo referencing using GPS points and other sources
  • Image processing
  • Interpretation of Satellite Imageries
  • Land use land cover Mapping from Satellite Imageries
  • Change detection
  • Stereo data processing and DEM, DTM generation

The main advantage of Remote Sensing is collating Geospatial Information about earth that's seen through the eyes of satellites - without touching anything or being present amongst the things & events seen through Remote Sensing. We are capable of various Geospatial analytical procedures for users in Agriculture, Fisheries, Market research, Transport, Electrical Network, Banking Water Supplies, Sewage, Forestry, Flood Management, and Hazard Mitigation etc.

About Us

We feel pleasure to introduce you that we are a premier Geospatial Technology Solution Provider committed to harness the cutting edge technologies available and enable our clients to leverage these to their business advantage. From our customer centric focused approach, we are able to provide professional service to our client that ensures success of their business goals.


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